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"Now You Can Create A Stunning
Family Tree Chart Your Family Will Love For Generations To Come."

"Your Great-Great-Grandson Will Remember You With Pride
Every Time He Admires The Heirloom YOU Created."

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to have a beautiful family tree chart... to enjoy now and pass on to new generations of your family as an heirloom... have a complete history of your family stretching back in time over 7 Generations at a glance... and have the total self-satisfaction in knowing it was ALL your own work...

...then this might be the most important website you'll ever see!

Here's why:
The "My Family Tree Chart" from Godridges of Coventry is a ready-to-print, high-resolution PDF image which shows you SEVEN Generations of your family history at a glance.
The unique chart creation system makes it...
  • Easy to organise.

  • Easy to read.

  • and...

  • Easy to correct.

All our designs are new, fresh, totally unique, and functional... as well as beautiful.

But don't take my word for it... Please, judge for yourself.

family tree chart from godridges of coventry
A1 size 7-Generation Fan Chart - High Resolution PDF - £12.95



The family tree chart is designed to be printed on A1 size glossy paper.

If you've been collecting information about your family's past for some time, you'll know how frustrating it can be just keeping things organized. Standard A4 sheets are great for jotting down new names and dates and places, but then what... you end up with a mountain of paper with no filing system.

My family tree chart allows you to record the details of all your direct ancestors back through 7 generations, easily and orderly. You can add text and photos to the PDF image using PhotoShop (or similar) before printing or print as is and add the details later using our unique labelling system.

There is plenty of space and you can retrieve any information at a glance.


The chart follows a simple fan design.

The simple yet pleasing design allows anyone to follow your family lines. Many charts are so complex that only the person who compiled it would ever be able to understand it. No such problems here, just follow the family lines back in any direction for 7 complete generations...

...right back to your Great Great Great Great Grandparents.


Ideal for framing.

Whether you do your genealogy for personal satisfaction or to have interesting family stories to share with friends or relatives, you will appreciate the benefits of this family tree chart even more once it's printed, framed and hanging on your wall. The image is designed to be printed A1 size, but you can easily resize it to whatever you wish.


Godridge's unique and copyrighted background design.

Many family tree charts I see come with a choice of coloured backgrounds... I've even seen one with Thomas The Tank Engine! ...well if that's your thing, go for it. However, the background I've designed is not only eye-catching, hypnotic and beautiful, but also neutral.

Meaning that once framed this family tree chart will fit perfectly into any room.


The boxes on the chart are designed to fit PC mini-labels.

This time-saving sticker system was created to solve TWO problems. Firstly, I have terrible handwriting that would surely ruin any chart, and secondly I needed to be sure I had the right information before finalising my family tree chart. I didn't want to have to start erasing entries or worse, using white-out! I simply enter all my details into a database and print out PC labels. I can stick the labels onto the family tree chart and build up my tree as I go. If I made a mistake, and I fully expected to, I just peeled off the sticker and replaced it.

No fuss. No mess. No hassle.

Of course if you are a bit more confident with PhotoShop, or some other photo enhancement software, you can always add all the details and photographs to the chart image before you get it printed. That will give you a top-notch professional look - and you can always use a sticky label if something needs changing at a later date.


Space available for photographs.

How many charts have you seen where there are so many generations crammed into a tiny space that there is barely enough room for a name and possibly a date of birth? What this chart gives you is white space (or in this case... swirly green space!). What this means is that there is plenty of background space which you can use to add photographs or notes or whatever you like. Some charts have old black and white images embedded into the background... that's nice, but is it one of your photos or did it come like that?

Who are these people and what do they have to do with YOUR family tree?

You can add your own relevant photos and create your chart the way you want it.


Truly personal details of your choice.

So many other charts have been organised for you in such a way that you add name here, dates there, siblings go here, maximum of three of course. Have you seen them? This chart allows you to be truly creative and totally personal.

Depending on the size of font you decide on, you should be able to fit 5 or 6 lines of text on a sticker. With this sort of space you can choose to add Name, Date of Birth, Death or Marriage, Occupation, Residence, Siblings, or even some interesting facts you may have uncovered.

The point is.. the choice is yours. After all, it's YOUR family.

So how does it work?

For each new relation you find, enter their details in your database.


Database Image

Using the data design a simple mail-merge document in your word-processor to print the database records to PC labels. There are 65 labels per sheet, so once you've found 65 relatives, print out their details.

Actual label size 21.2mm x 38.1mm

You can then start sticking the labels to your chart and watch your family tree grow.

Building the chart
Time to find your G3 grandparents.

Building the chart
Find 65 of them and print them out.

Building the chart
Peel off the label.

Building the chart
Carefully line up the label in the box.

Building the chart
Stick another ancestor in place.

Building the chart

Next one... and keep going til it's done.




Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what my customers say.


I wanted and needed the chart. Originally I spent hours making my own with WORD and EXCEL then cutting and pasting the pages together. It was far too complex to retain, especially as more family lines where found. I had to keep adding on and crossing things out. Your charts allowed me to simply print out a sticker and replace the detail. Plus their was room to move as more lineages were found.

The other reason is simply because I wanted a "hard copy" of the information. You cant carry your computer around all the time and sometimes when you need to access information it is simply easier to read off paper then logging on to a computer.

The size is great. There are a lot of charts out there but the information is crammed onto A4 or A3 size paper. I needed and wanted a chart which I could fit as much detail on (without getting too carried away) that I could read without a magnifying glass.

Also I liked that it went 'outside the circle' and allowed 8+ family generations. Too many only offer lineages to say 5 generations which isnt enough when you get bitten by the genealogy bug.

I wanted a chart that I could hang in the study. So that any family member could see by just looking who is who and how we are related. Anyone who isn't into genealogy haven't got the patience to wade through mountains of paperwork but can understand more easily by graphs. It's something that I can pass onto my kids - one chart can be rolled up and re-hung on many walls. At least all my hard work wont just be tossed out. Even if they don't want the detail, I think a simple thing like a chart, they just might hang onto.



Hi Phill,
My reason for buying a family tree chart was twofold. One for display purposes, and secondly, I find it helps to see at a glance where a person fits into the line.

Your chart was a 7 generation display which obviously lets me see 7 generations at a glance but is also pleasing to look at. The pale green background is a neutral colour which fits into any room decoration and the design is such that there is room for small photos.



I had entered my tree on genes reunited but had put all the family and not just direct ancestors, so wanted to put these on a tree.

I looked at various ones but when I saw yours I loved the layout of it and the price was reasonable so I bought one.



I have been researching my family tree, and wanted something appropriate to display it on.

What was it about my chart that made you decide to buy one? I felt that the
display was nice and clear, and also it went back far enough in terms of
generations, and also your pricing is reasonable. Many of your competitors
are expensive and just appear to be cashing in on the genealogy bandwagon.



I wanted the chart to show my gran her family tree. She has Alzheimer's and
was not able to follow you when you were talking to her, but now that she
can see it, she understands.

It was plain for people to understand the connections while at the same time looking professional.


You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, money back guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and completely satisfied with your family tree chart, just let me know within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings.

What to do next...

Simply click the 'Buy Now' button. You will be taken through the PayPal payment process and can pay with any major credit card or your PayPal account.

A1 size 7-Generation Fan Chart PDF - £12.95


Many thanks for your interest and if you have any questions before ordering then please Email Me.


To your success,

Phill Godridge BSc

P.S. These are the perfect charts for sorting and displaying all those notes, names and dates you've been collecting. A BIG and NEAT chart allowing you to see 7 generations of YOUR family history at a glance...

Create something special today...


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